536957_323263267785669_334022655_nThe hardest part of writing this is going to be in trying to keep in short as so much can be said about Sara’s Supreme Pet Sitting!!

About 1 year ago I saw one of her sweet cards wrapped next to a puppy biscuit at my hair dresser’s salon and asked if she happened to know Sara. She not only said she did but had for a good 15 years as had others in the salon and all had nothing to say but good things about her and her love for pets!

We had a 2 year old puggle and had just adopted a special needs senior puggle and needed her to be able to come to our home to check on them for an evening. Her initial visit was wonderful and the dogs would have gone out the door with her right then if we had allowed it. When it came time for the actual pet sitting she was so careful about keeping us informed as we were very nervous about our new diabetic 8 year old dog and the 2 of them together.

This led to their first boarding of I believe 7 days, with Sara and her family and it worked out great. She was unbelievable about keeping us posted via text messages, sending photos, and really watching the interaction between our newly added puggle.

Then another stay now up to 10 days, again with added issues of maintaining the sugar levels of Maggie who had been diagnosed only a couple months before her adoption and Sara worked diligently following all the instructions, giving insulin and giving her and Holly all kinds of love and care!!

An important item is that when Maggie did need immediate veterinary care, Sara knew it and responded promptly even having to have someone pick up her young son while she took care of both of the dogs while at the veterinary hospital. But no there is more!!!

Our next trip meant almost 18 days of care and Sara was more than willing to take extra time prior to the visit to learn how to properly check Maggie’s blood sugar numerous times a day, provide the proper insulin, food, and certain items in between to maintain a good level of health!! She documented everything every day so that I could update records for our vet.

But what we love the most is that they get loved on by not only Sara, but her son and husband!! And we get photos of it all during our trip. And they get to sleep in the bed with them!! What Sara does not even know as I write this, is that we are moving to another state yet we are planning to bring them back to her when we travel as I cannot even fathom leaving them with anyone else!!! She is a true gem. If anyone wants peace of mind knowing that whether she comes to your home or your furry loved ones go to hers, you can be assured they will be much loved and cared for by one of the best persons we have ever met.

From Glenda P.



The don’t come better than Sara!  Sara is reliable, dependable, punctual and caring.  She cares for my animals the way I do.  My pets are in great hands.  Any special needs my dog required, Sara would go above and beyond to meet.  I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for pet sitting needs.  Sara is simply the best!

Brenda B
Sara has been visiting our home and caring for our two dogs since the beginning of this year.  We have an older lab mix and a rapidly growing puppy.  She is so patient with both of them and truly loves spending time with them, and always leaves a detailed note regarding her visit that day.  On days when she does not come over I can tell that they miss her and the exercise and companionship she provides.  Sara always happily accommodates requests that we make of her and is extremely trustworthy.  Our experience has been nothing but positive, and her love for animals and gentle nature are very apparent.  I would recommend her service to any pet owner who truly cares for their pet.
Colleen Harvey
Trust and Integrity
When we leave our dog with Sara we have total trust that he is being treated “as good” but “probably better” than he is treated at our home.  He wags his tail and is excited to have a vacation with Sara and her family.  She gives us updates on how he is doing and we are never left wondering.  Sara operates with the highest integrity.
Paula & Bill Kapp and Hogan
Sara has been the most welcome addition to my little family. In the fall of 2012, I brought home, Vinnie, a 8 week-old Vizsla puppy—I knew right away that I had my hands full and needed extra help. Sara came to meet us and immediately understood mine and Vinnie’s needs. Vizlsas are high-energy and require an incredible amount of exercise every single day–Sara provides Vinnie active and engaging playtime (in the house, in the yard, around the city, and even at the homes of his dog-friends!) and, for me, Sara provides peace of mind to know that Vin is being well-cared for while I am away. On a day that Sara has visited, it is so wonderful to return home and be greeted by my happy pup  (rather than a hyper-active, zooming, four-legged-redhead!) Sara always goes above and beyond: Sara  arranges playdates for Vinnie (with other dogs or even Sara’s son Caleb!); Sara introduces him to new dog-friends; Sara often brings special snack treats; Sara frequently spends extra time with Vinnie, sometimes triple the normal hour!; Sara remains flexible with scheduling and always available for talking or even just sharing cute photos of Vinnie! Vinnie and I feel exceptionally blessed to have Sara in our lives.
Dana(&) Vinnie Nowak, Brighton